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Comparing images of pre-treatment and post-treatment teeth amazes me.  Because I am going to get braces in two days, and I know my teeth will never look the same after I get braces, two days ago I took pictures of my teeth from different angles.  (It was kind of fun.)  I want to be able to do a comparison of pre-treatment look and post-treatment look as well.  These will be the baseline images I will use to compare with my teeth’s look at each stage of the orthodontic treatment that I am going to go through.

First of all, here is the image of my smile showing my teeth:

Honestly, I don’t think they are too bad.  But I do see that my teeth in the front are crooked, off-centered, and there is a gap in the middle.  (I don’t dare to draw a line in the middle in the image above to show my teeth are off-centered.  An orthodontist pointed this out to me and it was quite shocking, because I had never thought that my teeth aren’t centered.)  I also notice that my teeth are sort of sliding down toward the left.  This could be my teeth’s problem, or my gum’s issue, or even my bone’s problem….

Next image shows when I just bite down while  opening my mouth:

Well, this picture shows that my teeth aren’t straight, and the center four teeth are tilted to one side.  I also appear to have a crossbite issue on one of my teeth on the left side.  And pictures can be deceiving sometimes, because in the image above, it may look that my teeth align well at the position they should be, but it is not the case….  The next two images below can explain.

This picture shows my right side of teeth:

My top teeth are amazingly spaced out well to give a “normal” look from the direct front, but I actually have huge (if comparing to the gap in the center front) space between two of my teeth on the side, and that area doesn’t align well.  From this picture, it is also clear that my front two on the top are crooked.

Now let’s look at the left side of my teeth:

I didn’t do a good job of taking this picture, because I also have a parallel spacing on this side of my teeth as well, but this pictures doesn’t show it.  But what’s clear from this picture is the crossbite issue I have.  (Again, I never realized that I have a crossbite until after the orthodontists pointed this out to me.)

Here is the image of my top row teeth:

I have 14 teeth on the top.  There are two spacings on the top row, and I see the middle two are crooked and not centered.  And now I am looking at it more closely, I feel my top left-half and right-half aren’t symmetrical.

Here goes my bottom row of teeth:

I have 16 teeth on the bottom, including two wisdom teeth.  My teeth (or my jaw…) have some issue, because when I open my mouth, my teeth look like the left-half is more downward than the right-half.  (I didn’t know this before I examined this picture.)  Because my top two teeth in the middle are crooked, they push my bottom middle two teeth more inward than they should be, and they are not straight.  There is one teeth on the left side that looks kind of off the track.  That’s the area where I have the crossbite, but it is a bit difficult to tell from this image because half of it is in the shadow.

Okay, last picture shows when my mouth is a little bit open:

It is clear that my top row is off the center (scary… how sad).  I also see crooked teeth, gap, and misalignment.

Phew!  These are the pre-treatment photos of my teeth.  I really wonder how my teeth will turn out at the end of the treatment.


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